From:              Hannibal Police Department

Date:               June 29, 2022

Phone:            573-221-0987

Fax:                 573-221-3966

Contact:          Lieutenant J.M. Grote


The Hannibal Police Department has started to experience an increase in reports of fireworks being discharged.  With the upcoming July 4th holiday approaching more reports are anticipated.  Officers are obligated to take enforcement action on those individuals found discharging fireworks.  City Ordinance prohibits the sale, use or discharge of any firecrackers or fireworks within the City Limits. This is not a new ordinance. Those persons who find themselves ticketed for discharging fireworks can be fined up to $130 if found guilty in Municipal Court.  It is also just as important to know that damage caused by discharging fireworks can carry a separate penalty both civil and criminal.