Hannibal, missouri Red Light Cameras

The US 61 corridor through Hannibal sees a tremendous amount of traffic. Statistics provided by MO Dept. of Transportation state that for 2010, the US 61 corridor through Hannibal saw an average daily traffic count of over 26,000 vehicles. Preliminary traffic studies showed these intersections were victim to high numbers of red light runners - over 20 violations in a 24 hour period at one light alone!

The number of red light runners added to the sheer volume of traffic through these intersections leads to increased chances of serious to fatal traffic crashes; an unacceptable problem to the citizens of Hannibal as voiced in numerous Citizen Surveys.

Since the inception of the Red Light Camera Program in December, 2007, Hannibal has shown a marked decrease in the number of red light running violators as well numbers of traffic crashes at these intersections- not only where the cameras are installed, but also at surrounding intersections (halo effect).

Hannibal currently has red light cameras installed at the following intersections:  US 61/Hwy 168 and Diamond Blvd, US 61/West Ely Rd and Pleasant St, US 61/Market St and Paris Gravel Rd.  and at  US 61/ Rt. MM and James Rd.

detections of red light running - 2008 vs 2009

Number of Red Light Camera Detections by Month - Technical Difficulties with Cameras during Dec 08 and Jan 09
Red Light Cameras - Hannibal, MO

red light camera frequently asked questions

effects of red light cameras

traffic crashes 2007 vs 2008

2007 - Year directly prior to installation of red light cameras
2008 - First full year of operating red light cameras

total number of accidents attributed to running a red light

Intersections where cameras are installed:

Intersection 2007 2008 Percent of Change
US 61/Hwy 16820
100% Reduction
US 61/West Ely31
67% Reduction

Intersections monitored or in close proximity to cameras (168, Stardust, I72, West Ely, Rt. MM):

Total Accidents 2007 2008 Percent of Change
Running a Red Light94
56% Reduction
Related Offenses7263
13% Reduction
Following Too Close3128
10% Reduction