From:               Hannibal Police Department

Date:                Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Phone:             573-221-0987

Fax:                  573-221-3966

Contact:           Lieutenant J.M. Grote


On Wednesday, November 23rd, the 10th Judicial Court of Marion County issued a warrant for Terrell A. Clay, 21 of Hannibal, for Felony Abuse or Neglect of a Child by causing serious physical injury. The investigation began on Tuesday, November 22nd when Hannibal Police Department Detectives were notified by Marion County Children’s Division a one year old had been examined at Hannibal Regional Hospital on Monday, then transferred to a hospital to a St. Louis area hospital for broken bones and other potential serious injuries. Clay was determined to be the caregiver of the one year old when the recent injuries had occurred. According to medical professionals there appear to be old injuries the one year old is recovering from that had not been previously tended to by medical personnel. Clay’s bond was set at $100,000.00 cash only and remains in the Marion County Jail.