From:               Hannibal Police Department

Date:                January 27, 2014

Phone:             573-221-0987     

Fax:                  573-221-3966

Contact:            Lt. John Zerbonia      


The Hannibal Police Department has received numerous inquiries concerning a possible telephone scam. The caller identifies themselves as being affiliated with the police department or FBI and states if you allow them to display signs in your yard, you will receive a free security system. The Hannibal Police Department does not endorse any brand or company, nor does the FBI.  If you receive any unsolicited telephone calls, e-mails or letters it is best to be skeptical and assume it may be a scam. Do not give or confirm any personal or bank account information to anyone over the internet or telephone or to send cash, checks or credit card information in response to any letters they receive in the mail.