From:              Hannibal Police Department

Date:               October 2, 2020

Phone:            573-221-0987

Fax:                 573-221-3966

Contact:         Lieutenant J.M. Grote


The Hannibal Police Department received a report of potential scam. The callers are stating they are with the Hannibal Treasury and the person will receive grant money that does not need to be paid back. This is one of the numerous types of scams that are reported frequently to the police department. Scammers use trusted entities in attempt for the person to gain confidence in the caller. It is common for callers to say they are from the IRS, police departments, animal shelters, or fund raising for children and veterans. The Hannibal Police Department would like to remind citizens to never give out personal information like bank account information, social security numbers, or any other unique identifying numbers that would give access to financial assets or identity. If you believe you have been a victim of a fraud or scam contact your local law enforcement for further guidance.