From: Hannibal Police Department

Date: December 9, 2011

Phone: 573-221-0987

Fax: 573-221-3966

Contact: Lt. John Zerbonia

The Hannibal Police Department has been made aware of concerns regarding incidents of distemper in raccoons locally. We have spoken to local veterinarians and the Missouri Department of Conservation and would like to assure the community the risk caused by raccoons with distemper is minimal. The raccoon distemper virus cannot be contracted by humans from raccoons, but unvaccinated canines and felines are at risk. Infected raccoons display symptoms similar to rabies and will not run away when approached, therefore this may pose a risk to children of being bitten or scratched who are tempted to pet or catch a raccoon. The Hannibal Police Department asks that you insure your pets vaccinations are up to date and if you see a raccoon displaying highly unusual behavior, to contact the Hannibal Police Department Animal Control Officers.