From:             Hannibal Police Department

Date:               Thursday, June 27 2019

Phone:            573-221-0987

Fax:                 573-221-3966

Contact:          Lieutenant J.M. Grote


On Wednesday, June 26th, the Community Service Officers (CSO) with the  Hannibal Police Department were called to a home in the 1600 block of D Street.  The CSO(s) seized 31 cats from inside and around the residence.  A majority of the cats were not in good health and likely not able to be  adopted.  This is an unfortunate circumstance for the animals and a reminder why there is a city ordinance allowing city residents three cats per  household.  The public is encouraged to spay or neuter your cats to help prevent similar instances from happening.  People can surrender their  animals to CSO’s or directly at the Northeast Humane Shelter, 2923 Warren Barrett Drive.