From:               Hannibal Police Department

Date:               October 30, 2017

Phone:             573-221-0987

Fax:                 573-221-3966

Contact:          Chief Lyndell R. Davis


HPD Badges with Beards Fundraiser and Awareness

Several officers and civilian employees with the Hannibal Police Department will start growing beards starting on November 1st.  The growing of beards which is typically prohibited by department policy except for those assigned to the Anti-crime Enforcement Squad or other specialized investigations will be allowed for a limited period of time.  The goal is to draw awareness to men’s health and particularly cancer. HPD employees are donating $30.00 each for the opportunity to grow a beard during the month of November. Funds raised for this privilege will be donated to the James E. Cary Cancer Center in Hannibal. The allowing of beards was due to a request by HPD Det. Jordan McAdams for the fundraiser as part of a Fraternal Order of Police endeavor.  “Most people have either personally dealt with cancer or have someone their close to suffer from one of the many forms of the disease.  Several of our retirees have dealt with cancer so it wasn’t difficult to find support within the Department for this fundraiser” stated Chief Davis.