From:               Hannibal Police Department

Date:                October 8, 2014

Phone:             573-221-0987

Fax:                 573-221-3966

Contact:           Chief Lyndell R. Davis


As part of a larger strategy Animal Control Officers will now have their duties expanded and a title change. Animal Control Officers new title will be Community Service Officers to better reflect their additional duties. In their new role as Community Service Officers they now will have the authority to address issues involving code violations related to garbage, rubbish, weeds, illegal dumping, discarded furniture/apliances and abandoned vehicles along with their former duties of animal control servipces. “It is commonplace for the Animal Control Officers to encounter other code violations while investigating animal issues such as garbage eing piled up on a property, discarded appliances left in yards and assortment of other code violations that erode the quality of life in a neighborhood” said Chief Davis. “The upgrade in job responsibilities and change in job title is all part of a larger focused effort to improve living conditions and ultimately reduce crime in the community.  By empowering our Animal Control Officers to handle a wider array of code violations the City of Hannibal will be able to significantly increase their ability to enforce these type of problems with far less cost than it would be to hire more additional Code Enforcement Officers.  This is an example of working smarter by more efficiently utilizing the personnel you have”.