From:               Hannibal Police Department

Date:                May 8, 2013 

Phone:             573-221-0987   

Fax:                  573-221-3966

Contact:           Lt. John Zerbonia


On Tuesday (May 7th) at the request of the Chief of Police, a meeting was held at the Hannibal Police Department, with the residents of College Ave. and the owner of the dog in question. The meeting was an attempt to resolve the issues regarding complaints concerning a neighborhood dog. Due to information not previously provided to the Hannibal Police Department or Animal Control Officers, the owner of the dog was given the opportunity to find the animal a good home outside the city limits. If, after 48 hours, the dog remains on College Ave, it will be subject to the requirements of the Dangerous Dog Ordinance. Everyone in attendance agreed this was a fair compromise and hopefully will result in mail service being restored and keeping peace in the neighborhood.