Community Service Officer

The Hannibal Police Department takes the responsibility of animal control and welfare seriously. Improvements in equipment, training and uniforms have been achieved with the goal that service to the public improves.

Currently three fulltime animal control officers are employed by the Hannibal Police Department. Both animal control officers receive in-house training and specialized training out of town annually to improve their skill level so they can provide improved service to the public.

Improvements in animal control and welfare ordinances are often sought by the Hannibal Police Department to booster the quality of life for the citizens as well as the animals in the community.

The animal control officers are assigned to the Patrol Operations Division of the Hannibal Police Department.

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Animal Control City Ordinances  (click here to be directed to the City of Hannibal Code)

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*** The City Code is updated/modified on a regular basis and this site may not me the most accurate-up to date information.  For the most current city codes, contact Hannibal City Hall  ***